August 09, 2015

Julie's Little House Has Been Sold!

I sold my house and moved out at the end of May.  It was bittersweet...lots of good memories but I'm ready for a new adventure and found my dream house!  Joe and I spent June living at his place in the country and then moved into our new (old) house in July.

Thought I'd share some pictures of the Morrow Street house as the final entry in this blog.

The master bedroom was also redecorated for the sale but I don't have any good photos of it.  Below you can see the new grey carpet, walls painted pale grey, white trim and closet covered in a lovely wallpaper.  I would have loved to have time to stage this one too.

The bedroom downstairs and the office stayed the same.  For the sale, I had new carpet in the bedrooms and hall installed, flooring in the sunroom and a new sink and granite countertops in the kitchen.  I loved my granite countertops for the short time I had them.  I wished I would have spent the money much sooner.  Funny all the things you don't get around to until you are selling.

The rooms looked so sparse to me when they were "decluttered" for staging.  I know it works though cause my house was sold in a couple of hours.

So now we are moving on to a new life in Havelock.....a small town in southern Ontario.  I can;t wait to start decorating the new place.  Unfortunately, we need to sell the BF's place and it needs a lot of work so our 1882 brick vicarage will have to wait.

I'll be sharing some before and after pictures from his place in the country, as well as documenting life in Havelock on my new blog....


  1. Good luck in the new home! It will be fun to start the decorating all over again!

  2. Thanks Rose. Looks like you're having doing up your place. I'm so jealous of your garden. I won't even be able to touch mine til next year. xo J

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.


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