June 08, 2014

One of My Favs: Aiken House and Gardens

One of my very favourite bloggers is Carolyn over at Aiken House and Gardens.  Her blog is full of beautiful romantic water-colour views of a life I can only dream of.  It takes my breath away.  She lives in the prettiest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island.  Yes, exactly, the land of Anne of Green Gables....

I loved my childhood trip to PEI and we brought back a big jar of red sand from the beach, speckled with teeny tiny white shells.  That jar stood in the basement until my parents sold the house upon retirement.  I used to love running my fingers through the red sand.

Welcome to Carolyn's garden...

Just look at the perfection of it.  I've been out in my garden all afternoon and barely made a dent in the weeds.  I know the work and the love that goes into this masterpiece.

I want to wake up here..

I want to drink my morning coffee here...

I want to curl up here with a hot cup of tea and a pretty magazine...

Carolyn makes everything pretty and cosy and welcoming.  She loves beautiful linens and dishes.  Two things we have in common. but her display skills are extraordinary.

I can never get enough of transferware!

A quilt as a tablecloth...I'm in heaven.

Have a seat...dinner's almost ready.

After dinner, let's take a walk down to the water...

If you've had a hard day and you just want to escape to someplace peaceful where you can steady your breath,  click here and be transported.

Bye for now from Carolyn's sweet granddaughter and favourite garden assistant.


PS Make sure you check out Carolyn's books and her Pinterest site - very fabulous.