August 31, 2012

Chili Sauce

I am joining Claudia's party today and sharing one of my favourite things.  When she mentioned her idea for a party, I loved it.  My mind raced with a million of my favourite things that I could share.  It was hard to decide which one to write about first.  In fact, the one I finally landed on will now be next Saturday's because today I made chili sauce.  And that changed everything...

Here I am tonight getting ready to type my post.  I was going through my Mom's recipe file.  I love the old, tattered, food stained, well loved recipes written in her hand.  These are more precious than gold to me. 

There is nothing like the sense of smell to bring memories rushing back.

When I opened the bag of pickling spice and took a deep breath, I was once again that 10 year old girl walking home from school.  A block from home you could smell the chili sauce bubbling.  It's sharp spicy scent wafting through the screen windows and down the street.  Your step quickens and you hurry home, hoping for a taste before dinner.

Alas, the jars are full and Mom is washing up the dishes and getting ready to put the meatloaf in the oven.  Meatloaf is always on the menu the night the chili sauce is made.

Mom may be 87 years old but some things never change.

The lids are popping and my heart is full with memories of childhood.  Chili sauce is definitely one of my favourite things.


August 29, 2012

Am I Too Late for Tweak It Tuesday?

Have you heard the saying "a day late and a dollar short"?  That seems to be me lately - especially the day late.  My sewing room hasn't gotten much use this summer and has again become the dumping ground for paperwork, half finished projects or the raw materials for many, many projects that I've planned but haven't started yet.  So I thought I would give it a "tweak" and I am joining Brenda at Cozy Little House.

I'm not sure that what this room needs can be considered a "tweak" (or a major overhaul).  It was spurred on by a new purchase...

I got rid of the table (it's going outside) and moved the sewing machine to the desk.

Yep I have plans for that brown lamp shade
I quickly tidied things away...

Maybe I should iron and fold these 
Maybe a little tweaking still needs to be done here

I'm sure you knew what my "new purchase" was.  Not that I need another sewing machine but I couldn't resist it for $20.

I'm not even sure that it works but the light turns on and it didn't blow any fuses so that a good sign.

Thanks for visiting my sewing room.  Hopefully I'll have some projects to show you this fall.


August 25, 2012

Bumbleberry Jam

My new favourite jam - bumbleberry.  I used strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry and blueberry to make this double batch.  It made a lot more than I expected so I used one of my clean old Corona jars.  It hasn't been sterilized so I will put it in the fridge right away.  It's a big quart jar so I guess I'll have to share some with a friend.  Tomorrow's breakfast will have to be toast and jam!  Can't wait!

I am linking to Elaine at Sunny Simple Life's Sunday party.


August 24, 2012

Garden Party

I promised to show you some pictures from the garden party at Griffin's Greenhouses so here they are.  I tried to avoid photos with people in them so I don't have an overall view of the garden.  Behind the shop and greenhouses, there is a large pond and a roadway runs along it.  The garden starts here on the side of the road and continues beyond the pond.  Gazebos, arches and trellises abound.  Garden benches made from every material imaginable and secret room upon secret room leads you through the garden, across the stone bridge to seating areas tucked into shady, tropical oases.  From there, you can view the entire garden and pond unobserved yourself.

some of the wildlife living in the garden

this one is for Elaine


August 23, 2012

A Final Addition to August's Giveaway

To the china teacup and little silver server, I am adding cookies and tea so you can sit down and have a little refreshment on me.

The cookies are President's Choice Raspberry & Cream shortbread cookies from Scotland.  I am enjoying Stem Ginger ones with my tea. The tea is English.  A nice mild Twinings Lady Grey Tea.

Once again, to enter, leave a comment on either of my blogs for one entry and if you are a follower, you will have an extra entry.  All comments in August and followers as of August 31st are included. Check the button on the right to see entire package.

Good Luck,


August 22, 2012

Hot Stuff

I was going to write a post about a garden party I attended at Griffins' Greenhouse and share the pictures of their beautiful garden but I'm too HOT.   I promise I will post about the party later but I can't think straight for the hot flashes.  I HATE MENOPAUSE!

I'm so tired of being tired and hot and sweaty and embarrassed.  I'm tired of having the boy in the grocery store look at me like I have some nasty contagious disease because my face is beet red, my hair is plastered to my head and sweat is literally dripping off my face as I ask him where to find the capers.

I am 50 years old.  If the normal aging processes aren't enough to make me feel unattractive, I've turned into the swamp monster from a B movie.  I am longing for snow but just because I want to get naked and burrow in it.  Please dear Lord, make this stop....

ahhh that feels better

all photos from Pinterest

good night,


August 19, 2012

Garden Demolition

Now that I have your attention...I was working in the garden all day but I wasn't working with lovelies like this hibiscus.  I was working with these...

I've been pulling weeds and removing aggressive, nasty perennials -  a real garden demolition.

This what it looks like now...

I've been working on this left side of the yard for a couple of weeks so part of the garden has been planted and edged.  Next I will apply mulch.  See my poor dead David Austin rose.  My heart is broken but I'll cut it off and see what happens next year.

My Russian Sage

I moved a peony that needed to be lifted so hopefully it will bloom better next year.  Next I need to edge and plant up the rest of this garden.  I'm thinking of maybe planting a Rose of Sharon.  Well, now that you have indulged me by looking at the destruction pictures, I'll show you a couple of cute pictures.

A pretty phlox in my oval garden.  I actually don't like the way phlox go mildewy on their leaves so I set about eradicating them from my garden this year.  I have dug up white, red, purple and 2 shades of pink this year but they just keep popping up again and again...

Here's my latest little garden project.   A little barrel beside the steps with my froggy spitter and a couple of plants.  The sound of trickling water drowns out neighbourhood noises and makes my sunroom feel very restful, like I'm sitting in a cottage by the lake (good imagination,  eh?!).  I can see in the picture that the water needs topped up.  I better do that in the morning.  I'm thinking of adding a couple of goldfish but I wanted to make sure that the cats left it alone first.

I am linking to Elaine at Sunny Simple Sunday.  Pop on over...