August 29, 2012

Am I Too Late for Tweak It Tuesday?

Have you heard the saying "a day late and a dollar short"?  That seems to be me lately - especially the day late.  My sewing room hasn't gotten much use this summer and has again become the dumping ground for paperwork, half finished projects or the raw materials for many, many projects that I've planned but haven't started yet.  So I thought I would give it a "tweak" and I am joining Brenda at Cozy Little House.

I'm not sure that what this room needs can be considered a "tweak" (or a major overhaul).  It was spurred on by a new purchase...

I got rid of the table (it's going outside) and moved the sewing machine to the desk.

Yep I have plans for that brown lamp shade
I quickly tidied things away...

Maybe I should iron and fold these 
Maybe a little tweaking still needs to be done here

I'm sure you knew what my "new purchase" was.  Not that I need another sewing machine but I couldn't resist it for $20.

I'm not even sure that it works but the light turns on and it didn't blow any fuses so that a good sign.

Thanks for visiting my sewing room.  Hopefully I'll have some projects to show you this fall.



  1. Thanks Kim - I'm trying to decide if I should paint it white. The cabinet is in pretty bad shape. J

  2. I have a "White" treadle machine that I showed photos of in a post this past spring that looks a lot like your new one. Mine has not been wired so no worries about blowing fuses. I have always had a thing for old sewing machines. Even my newest machine is 38 years old. Enjoy your weekend.


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