March 29, 2012

Finish Line

My sewing room / office is finally finished.  I have so many projects on the go that I was beginning to feel that I would never settle down and finish something.

Yesterday I made drapes...

I was able to buy some lovely cream silk, striped with black ribbon.  I made a single panel with this sheer fabric because I wanted to let light in and avoid the awful view.   I also hung the rod farther over to the left so I could move the panel right over on the rare occasion of opening this window.

Last weekend I visited my favourite garden shop (I'll show you around on a future visit) and purchased a black china knob for my bi-fold door.

Last night I worked on my bulletin board...

basic wood frame bulletin board

frame painted red

I spray glued the cork and covered it with a black and white fabric.  I used a black and white ribbon to edge the frame.  The glue gun came in handy for this.  See how nice it looks in my office...

I am so happy that I have finished this room.  Now it's time to start the next project.  What should I do next - finish the dining room, paint and paper the hall or redecorate my bedroom?  What would you like to see?


March 28, 2012

A Cupcake Accident

I had a lovely day yesterday.  I had my hair cut and highlighted.  There is nothing like a good hair day to lift spirits.

I ran a few errands - stopped at the bake shop and bought very cute Easter cupcakes.  Unfortunately I had a little bakeshop box accident and it flipped upside down in the car.  Not nearly as pretty when I got them home...

but they tasted great!

I hope you had a nice day too.


March 25, 2012

Mum's Birthday

Today is my mum's birthday.  I won't tell you how old she is but I'm 50 and the youngest of her 6 children......

She had a quiet birthday today but all the family visited or called over the last couple of days.  We are having a dinner for her next weekend when cousins from out of town come for a visit.  She gots lots of lovely presents.

I get to enjoy some of her floral presents as well.  My sister brought a beautiful blue hydrangea today.  One of my favourites...

My brother brought a beautiful mum that looks great in a pink metal pail that I bought at Homesense  this week.  The magnolia branches I cut from my tree are starting to bloom.  Don't you just love the blue lantern I bought for the backyard.  It's modelled after a Crown jar.

Gorgeous, aren't they?


March 24, 2012


I've been MIA lately.  I've been struggling a little bit healthwise and trying a new medication.  While I haven't been on my blogs, I've still been reading yours.  I've also been working on some projects but unfortunately I haven't been finishing anything.  I seem to have more things on the go than I can possibly finish.  Must be a symptom of my manic depression - this scattered feeling.  However, I have been spending time outside.  In southern Ontario, we have been enjoying June weather in March.  It's crazy but wonderful.  My garden is growing by leaps and bounds and I've started cleaning up the dead brush.  Such a wonderful feeling to see the precious green shoots.  I hope we don't get a killing frost.

My forsythia in bloom in the front garden at the dining room window.
I've also been dreaming about my garden and reading magazines and books.

The British version of Country Living - I just want to move into this kitchen!
One of my favourite gardening books is "Tasha Tudor's Garden".  I sign it out of the library every spring.  Tasha's gone now but she was inspiring for her dedication to the natural honesty of living in the country, growing and raising your food and nurturing a truly magnificent garden (sorry for the quality of photos).

The weather is cold here today so I'm off to make a warm cup of tea and finish re-reading Tasha's garden.


March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

I will be celebrating my Irish heritage today and lifting a pint to to the McMahons and the McMurrays.  Dinner will be Steak and Guinness Stew (check out for the recipe) and Boxty.

I'm showing you a picture of my shamrock that I took a few days ago because one of the cats decided it would make a great snack yesterday and it's pretty sad looking now...Enjoy your day.


March 16, 2012

Decorating for Easter

We've had some wild weather here the last couple of days - thunder, lightning and Noah's Arklike rain.  Everything looks washed-clean outside this morning so I'm getting ready for Easter.

I decorated my "Easter tree" and filled a bowl with my new "eggs". On Monday, I went shopping with my friends, Sandy and Anne and found these porcelain balls at Pier One Imports marked down to 68 cents each!

A couple of days ago, I repotted some baby daffodils in my McCoy pots to bring a little spring inside.

They just make me smile...

Enjoy your weekend....


March 15, 2012

It's Spring!

...and we better not get any more snow!

Because I planted mesclun seeds in my cold frame yesterday...

Because my bulbs are peeking through...

And because I went to Bigley's in Bobcaygeon today and got my Keds for summer (at 80 percent off!!)...


March 14, 2012

Custom Comforts Cushion

The pillow I ordered from Etsy arrived yesterday.  It is even more gorgeous in person.  I was thinking it was going to be a gift but I can't part with it.  I've now decided to redecorate my bedroom and use this pillow as my inspiration.

I have Cindy at to thank for this beautiful addition to my home.  Check out her blog and Etsy store.  You'll be amazed and impressed.


March 09, 2012

Before and During

I wanted some more storage in my sunroom and I've been trawling the Kijiji website looking for furniture bargains.  I found a hutch that I looooved and it would fit in my sunroom PERFECTLY.  But it was $160 and I couldn't talk the seller into $75.  I am being frugal and couldn't talk myself into $160.  I am replacing my baker's rack and hoping to sell it for $50.

So I found a sad old china cabinet that needs some love and was able to get the price down to $50!

It's a little chipped and the veneer is cracking and warping in places but I think I can make her beautiful again.  A lot of sanding and a little paint.

Because I have so much on my plate right now.  I decided to dress it up with some dishes and live with it as is for a bit.  That's why you are seeing the before and during today.  Someday, hopefully soon, I can show  you the after.  I'll get some paint chips and maybe you can help me choose - pretty please?


March 06, 2012

Fabric and Buttons are Better than Flowers and Diamonds

So bright and springy that it makes me want to do a jig.  I was at Walmart buying the cheapest replacement camera that I could find.  I took a little wander through the fabric department and couldn't resist these lovely rolls of quilting cotton.  Not to mention a big bag of cheap as chips buttons in the brightest hues.

Funny how a rainbow of colour can turn a frown upside down....


March 04, 2012

In these frugal days...

I have been thinking a lot about what I need, what I want and what I can't live without.  By necessity, I have been hit by frugality in 2012, being off work, I am living on savings and some unemployment insurance right now.  Money is tight and budgets have to be tightened.

So I've done a little soul searching to determine what I can live without.  The list isn't very extensive but I can give up most formal entertainment - concerts, CDs, DVDs, movies, travel, meals out, etc.  I can't give up reading but I'm happy to give up buying books, and borrow from the library or friends.  I can mostly give up magazines too as your lovely blogs replace that need.

I'm having trouble giving up shopping but am trying to be thrifty there.  I can give up drinking alcohol and fancy dinners out.  I don't know if you have Wag Jag in your area but I've been buying ones from restaurants and entertainment for half price.  I bought $100 at my local butcher shop for $50.  I paid $22 to get $50 at my beauty salon and I have enough for my next 3 haircuts including gifts I have received.  I am extremely limiting clothing purchases.  I'm trying to lose some weight so I can fit it into the smaller clothes in my closet.

I can't however give up my hair app'ts, I can't give up my Honda CRV that isn't paid for yet, I can't give up my internet connection (what would I do without you) and I can't give up my Fruits and Passion (the only bubble bath I am not allergic to)...

I also couldn`t live without fresh flowers although I buy them less and I couldn`t live without Lore, who keeps my house spic and span although she only comes 50% of the time now.

I found I can cut here and there and stretch a dollar but what I truly can`t live without are my family and friends, including all my blogging friends

Have a nice evening...


March 02, 2012

Spring Wishes

It is a grey and misty day here and I miss the sun.  We haven't had a bad winter but for some reason, I need spring to come now!  My desire to see green shoots pushing through the earth and buds opening to beautiful flowers is stronger this year than ever.  I thought I would share some past pictures from my garden flowers...

I hope we'll see some of this colour in Canada soon....