January 31, 2013

My Bedroom Redecorating Saga

I decided more than a year ago to redecorate my bedroom.   It was looking tired and being in the basement without a lot of natural light, it felt a little dreary.  It was painted a sagey green from Martha Stewart and the closet was covered with tan silk drapes.  Oatmeal carpet, dark wood furniture and a brown iron bed frame all added to the dull effect.

Then I found a pair of drapes in the deep discount bin from Fabricland...

Then I found a paint colour from Farrow and Ball that I liked...

Lulworth Blue

and then I bought a gorgeous pillow from Cindy's Etsy store, Custom Comforts...

Well that just sealed the deal and my plan for a blue and white bedroom was born.  I kept picking up bits and pieces for the room.  A silver dish for a candle holder, a bright green lamp to add a jolt of colour, and a pink chair to be recovered.  I planned to paint the furniture white and sold the brown iron bed frame.

But then, I never went any farther.  At first, I thought it was because I was busy with other things. But something was stopping me.  I decided it would be a good cold weather job (too hot all summer to paint in the basement and I needed to work in the garden).  I took down the closet drapes and got rid of them.  Surely that would spur me on.  No such luck.  Then Christmas was approaching and I was too busy to think about starting a big project.

Well now it is January and I still haven't made any moves so I sat down and really examined my feelings to determine what was preventing me from picking up my paint brush.....

To be continued....


Homemade Comfort for Some Crazy Weather

Okay, first off can I take a minute to do a little happy dance?  It appears my laptop is fixed and I can blog again, yay!!!!  I had no idea how much I'd miss it when I couldn't do it.  It's like having no where to go until your car is in the shop and then you feel trapped and want to go everywhere.

Anyways, I promised to show you the amazing Christmas gift I got from my very talented friend, Linda.  Sorry for the long delay but it is very appropriate considering the crazy weather this week.  Spring one day and the middle of winter the next.

A beautiful knitted hot water bottle cover.

So cozy on this frigid, wind whistling day.

a detail view of the gorgeous stitches

"Mom, what is this?" says Miss Nosey-Parker

"Oh, it's warm and wool - right up my alley.  Can we use it now, Mom?"
"Oh Lucy, this isn't for kitty girls..."

Did you happen to notice my open clothes closet in the background?  I'm getting ready for a major redo of my bedroom.  I'll start sharing that soon.....Bye for now but I'll be back.


January 19, 2013

A Little Bling to Lift my Spirits

I went shopping with my friend Cindi last Sunday and we stopped in Port Hope and cruised through Kenneth Bell's store.  I always make a point of getting there to check out the new jewellery lines and to take advantage of the clearance of last season's jewels at 70% OFF.

Here's what I snapped up.........from the new spring line.....a lovely green and blue ensemble for $22.

And from the clearance sale......

A lovely brown and blue set that was on sale for $12.60 (regularly $42).

This gorgeous blue set was $14.40 (regularly $48).

Finally, as purple seems to be my favourite colour this winter....

This purple ensemble was $7.50  (regularly $25).  I was lucky to get such good deals.  Kenneth jewellery looks expensive but is reasonably priced regularly. When I hit a 70% off sale, it feels like the cops should cuff me when I step outside the store!


PS I am joining Claudia MHC for My Favourite Thing

Computers are Making Me Crazy

Well, I have my laptop back but unfortunately, it isn't completely fixed so it has to go back.  Computer problems are soooo frustrating.  Deep breath in, hold it and out...

It was my birthday last week and some of my lovely friends gave me a beautiful bouquet to celebrate.

I thought while I had a short window to blog, I would quickly post my latest thrift store finds.

A Fireking dish, sectioned into three...for only $3.

A set of dessert dishes that match a set I already have (except these have a leaf) for only $2.

And for an upcoming Valentine's Day vignette, I bought this chicken wire heart for $1.

What do you think?  Should I paint red or maybe, white?  I got some good bargoons at Vinnie's, didn't I?


January 08, 2013


Just wanted to let everyone know my computer is broken so I won't be blogging for 2 or 3 weeks.

January 05, 2013

Sometimes you just need a cuddle....

Hi everyone.  I am linking to Elaine for her Sunny Simple Sunday today.  Sometimes you just need a cuddle. It is as simple as that and around my place, the cuddliest one is Finnie.  He is always ready to cuddle...

My sweet boy...

Then there's Lucy...she is far from cuddly.
Don't come any closer...
Both Finnie and Lucy were rescue cats but Finnie was only a tiny kitten and Lucy was over a year old and had already failed one adoption.  She's a bit of a difficult girl but we're still talking about her behaviour and hopefully, we'll come to an agreement some day. 

She does, however, love having her picture taken!  What a contrary little girl I have.  Just as I am typing, she wakes up and comes over to give me a big cuddle?!?  Maybe she's psychic (lol).  She is cuddly with her Finn though.

And while my Mousie and Pinkie are gone to heaven, they will never be forgotten.  They were both great little cuddlers.


Pumpkin (Pinkie) and no he wasn't posed.  This is how he slept.

And no, not posed for the picture.  This is how Pinkie sat on the couch.  He was a real character!


Food that Schmecks

I am joining Claudia today for My Favourite Thing and this time of year, when cold winds blow sleet into your eyes, my favourite thing is a dinner that "schmecks".  (Ignore any "new urban" description of this word).   Schmecks is a Mennonite word that is used to describe food that is tasty and filling.  It came into common usage among cooks in Canada thanks to Edna Stabler who was an author and award-winning journalist.  She lived to 100 and was best known for her series of cookbooks Food that Really Schmecks based on Mennonite home cooking in the Waterloo region of Ontario. Yum! (here is some interesting information on Edna and the Great Cookie War)


January 03, 2013

Allyson's Centrepiece

Hi everyone!  I'm joining Brenda's Tweak It Tuesday.  I'm a little late but that's the way my week is going.

My niece, Allyson made me a lovely, natural centrepiece for me this Christmas and I promised to share it.  It got a little wear and tear being moved around from table to table so I did a little tweaking.  Of course, we took the honey out and have been dipping into it so I tucked it back in for the photo.

Ally made the honey herself.  She is a beekeeper extraordinaire.  It tastes like the sweetest nectar you can imagine and we are rationing it.  Good practice for the frugal living year ahead.

I also tweaked the  pictures with some photo editing effects.  I had been using Picmonkey but they are charging now so I dropped them like a hot potato.  I've been playing around with Ipiccy.  I really don't adapt well to change these days but I have to say that I'm having fun.  I think I'm going to like it even better than Picmonkey.


January 01, 2013

First Day of 2013

Isn't this a lovely Christmas planter?  I was visiting my friend, Deb on her farm today.  I love being out in the country...looking down her long country drive.

I spent some time last night making plans for the new year.  They are not resolutions.  Resolutions are designed to fail by their negative slant - lose weight, quit smoking, etc.  I'm too old to fall for that.  My plans are positive ones and they are designed to make me healthier and happier...

I plan to...

Eat healthy food MORE.
Move MORE.
Read MORE.
Write MORE.
Meditate MORE.
Paint MORE.
Decorate MORE.
Garden MORE.
Organize MORE.
Find My Bliss......