January 05, 2013

Food that Schmecks

I am joining Claudia today for My Favourite Thing and this time of year, when cold winds blow sleet into your eyes, my favourite thing is a dinner that "schmecks".  (Ignore any "new urban" description of this word).   Schmecks is a Mennonite word that is used to describe food that is tasty and filling.  It came into common usage among cooks in Canada thanks to Edna Stabler who was an author and award-winning journalist.  She lived to 100 and was best known for her series of cookbooks Food that Really Schmecks based on Mennonite home cooking in the Waterloo region of Ontario. Yum! (here is some interesting information on Edna and the Great Cookie War)



  1. "Schmecks." How interesting. I could go for some of that cooking tonight!! Visiting from MHC.

  2. Your supper looks so very tasty, and to me, comforting. Visiting from Claudia's Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

  3. Is that port schnitzel, fried potatoes and red cabbage?

  4. I really like your Fire King plate in the Mary Jane pattern. I collect this color of Fire King. Oh the word schmeck is interesting too.

    Stopping by from Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

  5. What a great word! Your dinner really does look tasty!

  6. It's the time of year for comfort food for sure!

  7. Okay. I am loving the word 'schmecks.' Perfect description and I'm going to steal it. Comfort food, food that sticks to your ribs - it's that time of year!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  8. Love that word ! And the food looks yummy ;0 )

  9. Thinking about what comfort food I can make for dinner, as th snow falls outside. Great word :-)
    I am now following and found you at MHC!


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