January 31, 2013

Homemade Comfort for Some Crazy Weather

Okay, first off can I take a minute to do a little happy dance?  It appears my laptop is fixed and I can blog again, yay!!!!  I had no idea how much I'd miss it when I couldn't do it.  It's like having no where to go until your car is in the shop and then you feel trapped and want to go everywhere.

Anyways, I promised to show you the amazing Christmas gift I got from my very talented friend, Linda.  Sorry for the long delay but it is very appropriate considering the crazy weather this week.  Spring one day and the middle of winter the next.

A beautiful knitted hot water bottle cover.

So cozy on this frigid, wind whistling day.

a detail view of the gorgeous stitches

"Mom, what is this?" says Miss Nosey-Parker

"Oh, it's warm and wool - right up my alley.  Can we use it now, Mom?"
"Oh Lucy, this isn't for kitty girls..."

Did you happen to notice my open clothes closet in the background?  I'm getting ready for a major redo of my bedroom.  I'll start sharing that soon.....Bye for now but I'll be back.



  1. Morning Julie, oh how cozy that looks, great job, nice gift.....Sweet kitty, Blessings FRancine.

  2. That is some beautiful stitching. Cute kitty photos too.

  3. Great that you got your laptop all fixed up. That is an adorable hot water bottle cozy.

  4. Happy to see you back! And I'm always glad to see Snoopy dancing!

  5. Welcome back!! That certainly would make the hot water bottle a little more cozier!! Really pretty.



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