April 27, 2013

First Fresh Herbs

One of my favourite signs of spring is the fresh herbs shooting through the soft soil.  I can't wait to snip some and make something good to eat.

So I decided to make some cheddar chive buttermilk biscuits.  I was already making some chicken pot pies for the freezer and for my friend, Anne's husband.  She is going out west to visit her daughter soon so I'm making some freezer meals for her husband, Wayne.

I thought it would be nice to top them with biscuits instead of pastry.

The rest I popped in the oven.

Boy, are they good.  So light and tender.

They have a nice tang of chives.  Such a bright green flavour!  If you want to make some for yourself, the recipe is on my food blog.  This time I didn't use my food processor.  If you do it all by hand, may I suggest that you grate the cold margarine or butter?  Don't handle it too much so it will be tender.

I'm joining Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage for her Favourite Thing linky party.


April 26, 2013

My Kitties - Past and Present

I am joining Donna for her Pet Parade to honour her beloved Teddy who has passed.

I am going to share pictures of my kitties...










April 23, 2013

The Pagoda Bridge

Mom and I went for a walk today at Jackson's Park.  This is a lovely wild park crisscrossed with pathways.  I've spent a lot of time here throughout the years.  Such an amazing place in the middle of the city.

I took a lot of pictures but it was a cold, clear spring day and unfortunately, the weather made the park look cold and grey.  I don't want you to see it like that.  When the summer comes and it's warm and beautiful, I will take you on a tour.

I will show you just a smidge...the Pagoda Bridge.

This bridge is a registered historic place.

It was originally built in 1894-95 and designed by John E. Belcher, the city's engineer.

Jackson's Park was 30 acres of land owned by Lucy Jane Dixon.  She sold it to the Nicholls Park Trust at a bargain basement price.  This trust was set up by another prominent Peterborough benefactress, Charlotte Jane Nicholls in the nineteenth century.

This gorgeous bridge fell into disrepair and actually decayed to the point of collapse and so was totally rebuilt in 1988.  It is a gem and we are very lucky in Peterborough to have such a jewel.  It is incredible to me that some shortsighted people want to build a massive 4 lane roadway over this pristine parkland and feel it won't infringe on the environment or the citizen's enjoyment of this park.


April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

I celebrated Earth Day by working in the garden.  It was a windy day so a little chilly but nice and sunny nonetheless.

The chives are growing.  It is so nice to see something green and alive in the garden.  I definitely have to make something with chives this week.  There's also some tulips that the squirrels didn't get last fall.

And one lonely little bloom in the cold...

I got a surprise in the cold frame....a little ruby lettuce starting...even though it is dry as a bone.

I also went to the "yard sale" at Griffins' Greenhouse last week and I got some outdoor bargoons...

A little wooden trug just waiting for a clean up and some milk paint.

Just like the $50 ones from the garden show and yes I know it has cracks in it but I'm going to hang it on a fence outside.  I can justify the cracks when it was $3 and I collect frogs for the garden.

A little mercury glass toadstool candle holder.  I can see this in my wheelbarrow with red geraniums.

A cute little plant stand.  I'm sure I can find one to fit.  This may need a little new spray paint on the metal and yep, it was 50 cents!

A pretty stake for the garden (the bottom ball needs to be reglued so it was cheap too).

This is a large flower pot holder for the garden ($6).  I wanted one last year but wouldn't pay full price.  This adds some nice height to a garden.

And finally, the Easter rabbit arrived in the neighbourhood today...just a bit late. Hahaha.


April 20, 2013

Garden Show

One of my favourite spring activities is the annual garden show.  I'm joining Claudia today at Mockingbird Hill Cottage and posting some pictures from last Sunday.

This is my favourite booth.  Lots of quilts and garden accessories and furniture (although almost all the furniture was gone by Sunday).  This is Deer Ridge Farms.  Check out Heather's blog as she did a great post on them last year.

My sister, Cheryl wants me to make a welcome to my porch sign for her. She has a great front porch.

Lots of signs and shell decor.

These painted "tool boxes" were a show special $20.  I saw a lot of them heading out the door.

My sister, Connie fell in love with this tree sculpture by Williams Design Studio.  It was $4000 but she really, really loved it.  I won't be surprised to see her buy a smaller one in the future when she is redecorating her living room.

We always enjoy the Lee Valley booth.

Cute umbrellas.

There was lots of bright flowers and plants at the show.

One of my favourite booths, Lavender Hills.  I just love the smell of lavender.  This year, I'm going to plant a lot in the garden.

I bought some bulbs here.

I bought a couple of watercolour prints for my bedroom from Dave Gordon, a local artist.

I love these tiles but I can't stretch to $50.  I really would like a magic wand though.


PS  There was also a really excellent artist there Cynthia Blair but she wouldn't let me take pictures of her booth.