April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

I celebrated Earth Day by working in the garden.  It was a windy day so a little chilly but nice and sunny nonetheless.

The chives are growing.  It is so nice to see something green and alive in the garden.  I definitely have to make something with chives this week.  There's also some tulips that the squirrels didn't get last fall.

And one lonely little bloom in the cold...

I got a surprise in the cold frame....a little ruby lettuce starting...even though it is dry as a bone.

I also went to the "yard sale" at Griffins' Greenhouse last week and I got some outdoor bargoons...

A little wooden trug just waiting for a clean up and some milk paint.

Just like the $50 ones from the garden show and yes I know it has cracks in it but I'm going to hang it on a fence outside.  I can justify the cracks when it was $3 and I collect frogs for the garden.

A little mercury glass toadstool candle holder.  I can see this in my wheelbarrow with red geraniums.

A cute little plant stand.  I'm sure I can find one to fit.  This may need a little new spray paint on the metal and yep, it was 50 cents!

A pretty stake for the garden (the bottom ball needs to be reglued so it was cheap too).

This is a large flower pot holder for the garden ($6).  I wanted one last year but wouldn't pay full price.  This adds some nice height to a garden.

And finally, the Easter rabbit arrived in the neighbourhood today...just a bit late. Hahaha.



  1. You got some great bargains. I'm waiting for the yard sales to start up around here. We love to go!

  2. Great bargains and I like the crack. Can't wait to see the garden basket painted up! I was so excited to see my chives up, too.

  3. Morning Julie, how great to see the nice young shots in the garden, can`t wait..........Wow!!!!! love your bargins, how wonderful, love the Trug and Welcome plant stand......Blessings Francine.

  4. Great bargains Julie. Yard sales should be starting soon. It is wonderful seeing green shoots in the garden. Each day I'm checking to see mine get a bit bigger. I'm still waiting for some blooms though.

  5. You found some great deals Julie! The green sprouting up everywhere just lifts my spirits. You need to get the Easter bunny a watch so he can tell what time it is.



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