April 25, 2012

Baby Quilt

My BFF's nephew had a baby boy a little while ago so I decided to make him a quilt.  I've started sewing again and I knew this wouldn't be too challenging.  I bought some crisp cottons in bright blues and greens...

I just cut different sized squares and placed different patterns together until I found what I liked.  I haven't made a quilt from an actual pattern yet but that may be a project for next winter.  I'd like to buy a frame so I could hand quilt a larger piece.  This the top in the process of being assembled...

Here's the top all sewn together and trimmed and ironed.  I used a light blue cotton as backing that had little yellow stars and suns on it.  One layer of batting was sewn between the top and bottom and I machine quilted around the large blocks and voila...

I'm sending this little quilt to its' new little owner tomorrow.  I hope these cheerful colours bring a smile to his face.


April 23, 2012

My Magnolia and a Vintage Wheelbarrow

I took pictures of my magnolia yesterday because we were expecting a winter storm today.  My poor magnolia - Mother Nature seems to be doing her best to kill these blooms.  We have had unseasonably warm weather  followed by snow since the beginning of  March.  At least, the snow today melted before it hit the ground and I can always enjoy the pictures I took.

My flowering almond just about to bloom
A sad solitary tulip
Oh and I almost forgot....I bought a vintage red wheelbarrow from Kijiji.

I'm going to fill it with flowers and tuck it into a corner of the garden.  I'm just trying to decide about drainage - I don't think I  have the heart to drill holes in the bottom of this great vintage wheelbarrow.

Cute picture of Finn chasing bugs in the grass


April 21, 2012

Treasure Chest

I headed out to the yard sale at Griffin's Greenhouses yesterday with my sister, Connie.  In the spring, they have a sale of old, discontinued and damaged goods.  The prices are really good - anywhere from 50 to 90 percent off.  I almost forgot about it - thankfully, Connie remembered.

My box of goodies
All this cost less than $30 - a bird house, 2 herb stakes, 9 pots, a funky orange froggy for my fence (sorry for the quality of the pix) and a couple of decorative springy cuties for my trees.  I'm so thrilled.

I can't wait until the "work" is done in the garden and I can "decorate " it.


April 19, 2012

My Magnolia

I spent most of the day in the garden.  It was beautiful and sunny and 21 degrees (over 70 Fahrenheit).  But we had a cold night and my magnolia blooms were touched by frost.  It breaks my heart to see the delicate blooms with crumbly brown edges. At least, there are enough beautiful buds like this one that there should still be a good show (unless we get more frost!)

I put some of the cedar mulch I bought yesterday to good use.   I edged and mulched the oval garden that has my magnolia tree in it.  This is a tree that I  bought for my mum for Mother's Day a few years ago.  It was so small then that it fit in the backseat of the car.  Now it is almost 10 feet tall.

I added a couple of my lovely metal stakes for the delphiniums and my china bird bath.

The birds love the bath.  It makes me laugh out loud when I sit in the sunroom and watch them have big splashy baths.   Sometimes there is even a line-up!  They will wait patiently in the magnolia tree for their turn.

There's not much in bloom yet except the lungwort (and the dandelions) but I keep checking each day.


April 18, 2012

Garden Retail Therapy

It is a beautiful sunny day in southern Ontario.  But boy, is it cold - brrrr! I want to get out in the garden so badly but when you need mittens, not gardening gloves - it's just not for me.  So today I did the next best thing - I went to Superstore and bought some mulch and I went to my favourite garden accent store.  http://www.garden-style.ca/

Wait til you see what I bought...

glass candle holders to hang in my gingko tree

this wire flower may end up painted and in my bedroom

Keys for the courtyard fence - I have a thing for these great big keys.
a lucky horseshoe
For the courtyard, colour scheme is pink and orange this year.
to hang a basket of flowers
candleholder for peony garden
Tomorrow I should actually be able to get out and spread some mulch...maybe after my lunch date ;).


April 15, 2012


The star of Canada Blooms gardening show was the medinilla and I just had to have one for my house.  I got one from Griffin's Greenhouse this week and potted it up in a hanging basket but it's to early to hang it outside.

It's hanging in my kitchen right now but will eventually find a home hanging on my front porch.  I can't wait to get into the garden.


April 12, 2012

What Is It About the Colour Red?

For the last few months, I've been attracted to the colour red.  It was never a particular favourite of mine.  But if you've been reading this blog, you'll know that red features in my kitchen and my sewing room now.

I wonder why? Every store I walk into - my eye zeros in on anything red.  See the cute apron above.  I just got it at Vinnie's for $1.  Takes very little to excite me these days.  Looks like the embroidery is unfinished but I love it.

I also bought some glasses.  I have a metal glass holder and I've been looking for something suitable.  What a bargoon - less than $4.

Pretty good eh?  Now I'll have to  finish the apron - I think the answer must be  "HOME".  Heart plus house equals home...


April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday

It was a cold, crisp but sunny day today in southern Ontario.  I got outside to do a little more garden cleanup but had to keep a close eye on Lucy.  She wasn't allowed out yesterday because she took off on Friday.  My cats are not allowed to leave the yard.  She was a pretty grumpy girl...

But today, we got out and looked at all the green sprouts in the garden.  Finn won't stop eating the tops of the onions so you don't want to be downwind of him!

day lilies
my new watering can
lamb's ears

A little fresh air, even with constant supervision, seems to have done Lucy a world of good.

Happy Easter!