April 18, 2012

Garden Retail Therapy

It is a beautiful sunny day in southern Ontario.  But boy, is it cold - brrrr! I want to get out in the garden so badly but when you need mittens, not gardening gloves - it's just not for me.  So today I did the next best thing - I went to Superstore and bought some mulch and I went to my favourite garden accent store.  http://www.garden-style.ca/

Wait til you see what I bought...

glass candle holders to hang in my gingko tree

this wire flower may end up painted and in my bedroom

Keys for the courtyard fence - I have a thing for these great big keys.
a lucky horseshoe
For the courtyard, colour scheme is pink and orange this year.
to hang a basket of flowers
candleholder for peony garden
Tomorrow I should actually be able to get out and spread some mulch...maybe after my lunch date ;).


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