April 12, 2012

What Is It About the Colour Red?

For the last few months, I've been attracted to the colour red.  It was never a particular favourite of mine.  But if you've been reading this blog, you'll know that red features in my kitchen and my sewing room now.

I wonder why? Every store I walk into - my eye zeros in on anything red.  See the cute apron above.  I just got it at Vinnie's for $1.  Takes very little to excite me these days.  Looks like the embroidery is unfinished but I love it.

I also bought some glasses.  I have a metal glass holder and I've been looking for something suitable.  What a bargoon - less than $4.

Pretty good eh?  Now I'll have to  finish the apron - I think the answer must be  "HOME".  Heart plus house equals home...


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