April 07, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend

In Peterborough, we have an Easter tradition - the Garden Show!  I went yesterday with my sister but it was so crowded.  I think the entire city was there.  You were unable to buy much due to the crowds but I made note of the booths I really like and I will be making some excursions in the next few weeks.

I did purchase a few things but I didn't buy any plants.  Much as I want to fill the garden, it is way too early.  Anticipation......

Here's the great birdhouse I bought.  We had one years ago from the same artist but after 10 years, it has fallen apart.  Most years we had tiny residents having babies in it.  I'm going to get it up today so they have a chance to set up lodging early.

Made from barn board with a horse shoe perch and cost $10!
Some of my favourite nurseries were there too.  Check out this link...


My favourites for plant shopping are Greenhouse on the River and Griffin's.  I'll take some pictures for you when I'm there.  I live at Garden Style for all my decorative elements in the garden.  The show has made me so excited for spring that I'm getting out in the garden to work on clean-up today!

I also  bought a lovely watercolour from Dave Gordon to frame for my kitchen.  It's wrapped in plastic and I'm not removing that til I find a frame but I'll give you a sneak peek...

I also bought some old wooden clothes pegs from Garden Girl that I'll share on a future post.  Here is their web site...

My sister bought an incredible metal flower for the garden for $40.  Amazing price and I'm regretting not getting one myself.  I'll take a picture when I'm over at the pool this summer and we can all be jealous together.   Well I better get the housework done (cooked a duck last night for tonight's dinner so lots of cleanup required) and get out in the sunshine.  My cat, Finnie is whining to get out.  Lucy, on the other hand, went walkabout yesterday instead of staying in her own yard so she doesn't get out today.  Hopefully she'll learn her lesson!  Talk to you tomorrow.


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