April 18, 2013

Bedroom Update - Linens

I wanted to show you what I've done with my bed linens so far.  I am making a headboard but I need a little sunny weather to work outside on it.  This is my "summer" look with a matelasse quilt.  I also have a lovely embroidered white comforter for the winter.  I'll show you that when I have the headboard done.

My lovely cushion from Cindy's Etsy store, and a couple of soft cotton cushions (not sure if I'm keeping these).

This picture shows my new white eyelet bed skirt.

Lucy loves her new bed.  These are the white cotton pillowcases that I bought from Vinnie's for $1.  I can't help but think about the poor lady who crocheted this lovely edge, the hours of work, the fact that they were probably "too good" to ever be used and then her family dumped them without a thought.  I hope she knows they are now with someone who appreciates all her care and hard work.

I've put my antique wash tub stand at the foot of bed.  Right now there is soft blanket from Chapters but I plan on knitting myself an afghan (someday).

At the top, you see my new European shams with lilac purple edging and purple, blue and green stitching.  I love them!  They are so comfortable to lean back on while I'm watching TV or on my laptop.  The polka dots are my new Kate Spade sheets - so cheery.

A last look before I crawl in....good night!



  1. Nice - Chablis would want those lilac shams. The crocheted cases are beautiful.

  2. Don't you just love those pillowcases with the embroidered edges? All the hours of work! Bed is looking good!


  3. I always think it is sad when I buy vintage linens that were never used and they sell for next to nothing. It reminds me to always use the good stuff! What a nice play of patterns and new and vintage you have on your bed.

  4. Morning Julie, oh I could crawl right in that cozy bed, looks beautiful....love the old washtub at the end of the bed, perfect touch......Blessings Francine.

  5. That looks lovely Julie. I do try to use any vintage linens that I have as it is such a shame to tuck them away in drawers.


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