April 23, 2013

The Pagoda Bridge

Mom and I went for a walk today at Jackson's Park.  This is a lovely wild park crisscrossed with pathways.  I've spent a lot of time here throughout the years.  Such an amazing place in the middle of the city.

I took a lot of pictures but it was a cold, clear spring day and unfortunately, the weather made the park look cold and grey.  I don't want you to see it like that.  When the summer comes and it's warm and beautiful, I will take you on a tour.

I will show you just a smidge...the Pagoda Bridge.

This bridge is a registered historic place.

It was originally built in 1894-95 and designed by John E. Belcher, the city's engineer.

Jackson's Park was 30 acres of land owned by Lucy Jane Dixon.  She sold it to the Nicholls Park Trust at a bargain basement price.  This trust was set up by another prominent Peterborough benefactress, Charlotte Jane Nicholls in the nineteenth century.

This gorgeous bridge fell into disrepair and actually decayed to the point of collapse and so was totally rebuilt in 1988.  It is a gem and we are very lucky in Peterborough to have such a jewel.  It is incredible to me that some shortsighted people want to build a massive 4 lane roadway over this pristine parkland and feel it won't infringe on the environment or the citizen's enjoyment of this park.



  1. Julie, that is one lovely bridge...

    And we all need to fight to protect these kind of gems, there simply isn't enough of them around any more.

    I can see hints of it's beauty that will be there in the summer.



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