April 12, 2013

I Don't LIKE my Distressed Dressers...


My beside table set up for real living

My large dresser is done!

I just love the hardware now that the dressers are painted

This one's for Claudia - my pajama cupboard (only some of my collection)

My collection of old books; a couple were gifts and the rest have been in the family forever.  My baby shoes and picture (cute, eh?).  I've flung a couple of doilies over this lamp as I broke the shade and plan on redoing it with some doilies (thanks to Claudia for the inspiration).

Today is one of those fantastical, unbelievable, winter wonderland days that should never ever happen in April!  We had an ice storm last night and it was mighty cold this morning when we woke up without power.  I've just taken a couple of pictures but most of the ice has melted and I was too disgusted to take pictures this morning.

Check out my friend, Sandy's blog as she's posted some great pix.

We got our power back just after noon but there's a lot of people in town without today.  My niece just called and they have drains backing up into the basement.  I hope she can get the plumber out soon as she's home with 4 little ones.  She's heading over to my brother's for help.  He's only 5 minutes away but obviously doesn't have power as she can't reach him by phone. (Update:  Shawna got a plumber there.  Sediment in her laundry room drain backed up water.  All fixed now thank God as she had new rec room furniture delivered today).

It is the perfect day to spend the afternoon in bed, eating homemade chocolate/chocolate chip cookies (thanks Cheryl),  reading e-mails and blogs and waiting for my crockpot dinner to cook.  The smell of the pot roast drifting down the stairs is particularly enticing on a day like this.

I hope your day is going well.  Tomorrow is our local garden show so I'll take some snaps for you.  Hopefully the weather co-operates.



  1. Julie - Sorry about the power outage! Isn't this weather something else? We're bright and sunny today but suppose to be 40 in the morning. I don't get it.

    Sounds like you are at a comfy place! Enjoy!


  2. I would LOVE some chocolate chip cookies - my fav!!! Your dressers look so good. My daughter is just teaching herself how to do this.

  3. Everything looks great, Julie! I won't even mention how jealous I am of your pajama collection. I am impressed! You've done a wonderful job and deserve to cozy up and eat those cookies, especially in view of the nasty weather you've been having!


  4. I think your furniture looks great. Love the huge dresser with all the storage space. Hope the weather warms up for you so you can enjoy a normal April.

  5. Your distressed furniture looks so nice!

    Don't you Canadians know that it's spring already? ;P

    Try to stay warm!

  6. Nice Post I like nice furniture
    It looks better than even when it was new.


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