January 31, 2013

My Bedroom Redecorating Saga

I decided more than a year ago to redecorate my bedroom.   It was looking tired and being in the basement without a lot of natural light, it felt a little dreary.  It was painted a sagey green from Martha Stewart and the closet was covered with tan silk drapes.  Oatmeal carpet, dark wood furniture and a brown iron bed frame all added to the dull effect.

Then I found a pair of drapes in the deep discount bin from Fabricland...

Then I found a paint colour from Farrow and Ball that I liked...

Lulworth Blue

and then I bought a gorgeous pillow from Cindy's Etsy store, Custom Comforts...

Well that just sealed the deal and my plan for a blue and white bedroom was born.  I kept picking up bits and pieces for the room.  A silver dish for a candle holder, a bright green lamp to add a jolt of colour, and a pink chair to be recovered.  I planned to paint the furniture white and sold the brown iron bed frame.

But then, I never went any farther.  At first, I thought it was because I was busy with other things. But something was stopping me.  I decided it would be a good cold weather job (too hot all summer to paint in the basement and I needed to work in the garden).  I took down the closet drapes and got rid of them.  Surely that would spur me on.  No such luck.  Then Christmas was approaching and I was too busy to think about starting a big project.

Well now it is January and I still haven't made any moves so I sat down and really examined my feelings to determine what was preventing me from picking up my paint brush.....

To be continued....



  1. We just moved 'back home' to north Alabama and I'm tackling a renovation of the entire house we bought. That blue is very inspiring and would look beautiful in our bedroom, too. So glad I found your blog! -- Jan P.S. I hope you have a chance to drop in my site: fleaChic.com

  2. I love the colors, I love the pillow..... What ARE you waiting for?

  3. Hi Julie, love that color, perfect for a bedroom I think......gorgeous pillow, so pretty, Francine.

  4. Oh Julie - that sounds like me!! I am an Interior Designer and would you believe my kitchen is dark wood cabinets with gold Formica? I just can't get started. But, that is going to be my Spring project (I think).


  5. I am beginning redecorating my house and love the ideas! I really want to make
    my basement a fun place to hang out. I want to look adorable but also have functional
    benefits and maybe even a mini refrigerator!


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