February 01, 2013

The Bedroom Saga Continues, Part 2

So I had a plan to redecorate my drab bedroom and make it a blue heaven.  I even hung the drapes to see how they would look.  Then I went onto Pinterest (my favourite) to look for inspirational bedroom photos.

But when I looked at the pictures, somehow they left me cold.  When I look at these pictures, I find it is the white that is attracting me.  White?  Really?  Could I live in a white bedroom?  Wouldn't it feel cold, maybe sterile?  Could I?  Should I?  I started researching white....

to be continued....



  1. Sure you can live with white. It's easy to add the blue in accessories and just as easy the switch them out if you get tired of it. Good luck deciding!

  2. Our bedroom is blue but I've mixed it with ivory and chocolate brown which makes it feel warmer. Our kitchen is blue and white though as is our bathroom.

    If you think a blue and white bedroom might be cold maybe add a bit of yellow or pink to warm it up??

    Looking forward to seeing your new room no matter what you decide!


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