February 02, 2013

The Barefoot Contessa

Every weekend, I plan the menu for the coming week.  This helps me stick to a budget and healthier eating.  Doing this each week is one of my favourite things so I'm joining Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

I pull together the grocery ads and see what's on sale and plan my menu from the specials.  While it's easier to make the old faithful recipes, I like to try a new one each week.  To choose one, I go through my very large collection of cookbooks.  I love reading cookbooks as much as a novel.  They tell a story too.

 My newest one is The Barefoot Contessa's "Foolproof".  I just love Ina's cookbooks.  I've never made anything of hers that failed so she has picked the perfect name for her latest cookbook.

I would highly recommend any of her books or check out her website.  You can try some of  her recipes and her menu planning is very helpful.  I watch her TV show on the Food Network and all her instructions are so easy to follow.  She is one of my favourite cooks.

Enjoy your weekend, 


  1. Morning Julie, love her, one of my favorite cooking programs to watch......Blessings Francine.

  2. Is your laptop fixed? Hurrah!

    I love her books, as well, though I only have one of them. I also love watching her on the Food Network.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  3. Good planning. I do the same thing!

  4. I like watching her on TV. She has some really good recipes. I don't have her cookbooks but have used several of her recipes off of her show.


  5. I am in complete agreement for everything you do to menu plan. I always ask for input from the guys around here and sometimes they actually suggest something. Otherwise, I'm into the weekly sale papers, my recipe collection and anything new that sounds interesting. Isn't it fun and it makes shopping so much easier!

  6. Oh, I love Ina's recipes, too!! You have a charming blog! :)


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