February 08, 2013

The Hockey Gods are Smiling on Peterborough

Just yesterday my backyard was covered with green grass and Saturday is Hockey Day in Canada. This is a big deal in a country where hockey is almost a religious experience. But today, the Hockey Gods got together with Mother Nature to give us this...

 My neighbourhood ice rink at the park behind us has been getting smaller and smaller like a glacier receding.  Even though it has been ringed with green grass, the kids are still skating and playing hockey on it.  I even saw a couple of older guys playing one-on-one there yesterday afternoon before school let out.

They have also been working very hard keeping ice on the canal groomed so the game on the Lift Locks can go ahead.

There is so much snow today and it's still coming down that they are asking for volunteers to go over to the canal and help shovel!  I'm sure there will be a bunch of kids there as it's a "snow day" and a lot of schools have cancelled class.  The Stanley Cup is here this weekend too which is very exciting for a lot of people.

I'm one of those rare Canadians that are not very interested in hockey and I won't be freezing my face off (geddit?) at the Lift Lock tomorrow but I can appreciate the pageantry of the event.  If you want to read more, check out this link and the CBC's website.



  1. Julie - BRRRRRR - Looks so cold up there!! Stay warm and let the kids shovel snow! LOL


  2. I'm one of those rare Canadians who doesn't really like hockey either. We don't watch it in our house at all, as far as I'm concerned hockey players are glorified way too much!! We saw a blurb about your event on the CBC news this morning. Hopefully the storm stops and those that want can enjoy the games.

  3. We are being smiled down on a little too much in my neck of the woods. Any more and we'll have to have a dog sled rally instead of a hockey game!

  4. So much snow....keep cozy, I love hockey, proudly Canadian, eh, Francine.

  5. The snow is just about stopped here in Whtiby and it's 6:00 p.m. We have at least a foot of snow. I'm so glad I didn't have to go out today.

    We're hockey fans and always enjoy watching Hockey Day In Canada. I'm sure everyone will have a great day in Peterborough and all that snow will just add to the atmosphere. :o)

    Stay safe and warm!

  6. I've been watching the news about the massive snowfall on TV...wow.

    Well I'm not one for hockey either...but I am happy that they are getting good hockey weather.


    PS thanks for the laundry soap tip.


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