February 23, 2013

Books & Magazines (these are a few of my favourite things...)

I'm joining Claudia for A Favourite Thing at Mockingbird Hill Cottage tonight.  My most cherished possessions are my books and magazines and while I have them all over the house, most of them are in my bookcases in my sewing room/office.

My books are chock a block...

My collection of Agatha Christie's.  I think I have them all.

My collection of shells from holidays on the top shelf....

My baby picture and shoes.  So tiny....

My in-basket - bills, bills, bills.  A few of my magazines - Martha Stewart Living, House & Home, Style at Home, Victoria, Country Living, Bon Appetit, etc.  I keep a lot of my magazines but I'm running out of room.

Part of my cookbook collection...the rest are in the sunroom.

Agatha Christie, cat books, Diana's life story, financial management books and The Secret.

One of my favourite teacups....parlez vous francais?

The hand print of my little Mouse taken just before she left this world...

Some of my favourite books by Nora Roberts, and Cathy Kelly.

The blue bird of happiness in my little sanctuary or maybe just a Blue Jay in honour of my favourite baseball team! (I have a book about them too ;)



  1. Love how you organize all your books and incorporate other lovelies along with the books. It's an artful display.

  2. Wow!!!!! I would love to come sit a spell with you and read some mags.....wonderful spot....lots of goodies included to, LOVE your little baby shoes......Blessings Francine.

  3. Love the way you have arranged the books and magazines. Especially the blue stack near your baby shoes. Well done!

  4. That's a room I could be very comfortable in - books, shells, yarn - all my kinds of things. Several years ago, in an attempt to make some room in our overcrowded house, I gave away hundreds of books and all my music albums. I'm still sick about that.

  5. I love the way you've arranged your books and keepsakes.

  6. I love this peek into your bookshelves - seeing what you read and what precious things you display.

    Thank you so much for joining in this week!


  7. You have quite the book collection there. I probably have about the same in the room that is either called the computer room/the library room/the room with the craft closet. Lately I've been saying I'm in the box room ... comes from watching Coronation Street.

  8. Really really impressed by how nice a job you've done. You should be proud!


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