February 18, 2013

Do you remember the 70s?

a little photo editing makeup applied

I bought a new mirror at a vintage store that brought the 70s flooding back.  The harvest gold appliances in the kitchen.  The pink tile and fixtures in the bathroom (with pink poodle towels no less).  The orange shag rug (not kidding here...)

Trust me, if you don't remember, it was the height of fashion.  Our coffee table was adorned with an orange ceramic ash tray and a reclining female nude statue (obviously purchased for Mom and Dad by the kids one Christmas).  Kinda like the one here from E-Bay.

One of the things I fondly remember is a beautiful mirror my Mom put together.  We had some old  ornate plastered frames from the farm.  Not exactly a matching for the swinging 70s decor but she spiced it up by painting one of them metallic gold.  I always loved that mirror in a kitschy, way over the top,  Liberace bling kinda way.  Then I saw this last week...

mirror has been blanked out so you can focus on frame
It was tucked away in a back room, marked to $10 and feeling very orphaned and forlorn.  I knew it was coming home with me.  The metallic gold doesn't hold the same allure that it did for the 8 year old girl.  Now it is definitely getting a repaint.  Probably white but I'll going to put it in my bedroom so I'll wait till the walls are done to make a final decision.

I'm joining Elaine for her Sunny Simple Saturday.  Someday soon, my mirror will be a lot more simple.



  1. Hi Julie, oh boy, do I ever, but would like to fiorget, ha ha!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  2. Loved the 70's! We had green shag carpeting throughout the house that we raked each day with a rug rake. I used to make those huge ceramic ashtrays and everyone had them, plus those huge table lighters. We also had psychedelic flowers (remember flower power?) stuck onto our front room walls. My mom and dad even hand painted a big lemon tree on the wall in our foyer. Ahhhh.......


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