February 26, 2013

Horseshoes to Hearts

That sounds like a country song but I mean it literally.  My best friend's son, Josh is learning to be a blacksmith and you might have noticed that I have had one of his hearts on my blog.

He uses vintage horseshoes and makes hearts out of them.  I think this theme fits in nicely with Brenda's Tweak It Tuesday so I'm joining her party.

I just love them.  They are all unique.

Josh makes other things too and is willing to take suggestions and make things to order if possible.


But the hearts are my favourite...and Josh is offering a special price to readers of my blog.  If you would like to order a heart from Josh, he is offering them for $15 plus the cost of mailing (from Ontario, Canada).  Just leave me a comment or e-mail me and I'll pass your info on to Josh.

Joshua's open air workshop

hearts * hearts * hearts

this one looks like mine ;)



  1. Those are awesome - what a cool idea. That would be such a neat thing to learn to do. He's very talented.

  2. Those hearts are darling. Do you have any idea what shipping would be to Oklahoma?


  3. They are a really clever way of turning something so ordinary into something so unusal and attractive. I can see these catching on in a big way.

  4. I would defintely like one, or make that three!

  5. I'd like to order one for my daughter and her fiance for a little wedding gift!


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