February 24, 2013

A Little Organizing on a Simple Sunday

I am joining Elaine for Sunny Simple Sunday.  Today I did a little desultory housework.  The basement really needs cleaned but unfortunately the lights are out in half of it.  I'll have to do what I can by lamplight and extension cords and call an electrician this week.  One more bill.

I found this lovely organizer at Homesense and decided it would be the perfect thing for my bedside table.  The drawer is always a mess even though I did buy some small plastic bins at the dollar store.

My Mess
So I hauled everything out and threw some of it away.  Good time to clear out the hoard.

And I started fresh.  Isn't this lovely?  I love things with a bee motif.

And voila - organized and neat...at least for now.



  1. How organized you are! I'll never be there. Ha


  2. I need to do that! My bedside table drawer is such a mess that I don't even bother looking in it anymore. Thanks for the the inspiration!

  3. Well done. I've been doing a little organizing myself. This is a great time of year to do it.

  4. I've been organizing my clutter since right after the beginning of the year and love finding storage containers and organizers that are both attractive and functional. This piece with the bee motif is both.


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