February 04, 2013

Researching White on Pinterest

I'm going to share some of the pictures I've been looking at on Pinterest to get inspiration for my white bedroom.  I've also found lots of inspiration from blogs, especially Scandanavian ones and from so many magazines.  I'm a bit of a magazine hoarder, I must admit, but that's another post altogether...Enjoy!

So I've definitely decided that I will have a white bedroom with some blue, pink and green accents.



  1. Hi Julie, so soothing, beautiful rooms, white is so refreshing, Blessings Francine.

  2. I love white rooms! It's so easy to make them shine with new color accents, flowers, etc., as well as the beautiful clear white. Our dining room is white with a few darker wood tones, so I can change up my dishes/tablescapes at will. Very fun! I bet your bedroom will be gorgeous!

  3. Looks like your are leaning toward a new country vibe. I can't get enough of that stuff right now!

  4. Hi Julie . . . I know that your bedroom is going to be lovely. White is such a lovely color . . . kind of dreamy, don't you think?
    I can not wait to see photos, when you are finished.
    Have fun.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)
    P.S. I am delighted that you liked my cherry print apron :)

  5. It sounds like you will have the loveliest bedroom. I love white...



  6. I really love those inspiration pics you shared. I think a white bedroom is so elegant and peaceful. You can't go wrong with that color.

  7. Now I can see the appeal of having a white bedroom. All of these rooms are lovely. I can't wait to see how you do yours.


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