February 21, 2013

Second Thoughts

I haven't been able to start painting my bedroom as I've had a terrible cold for the last two weeks.  But I did decide on white paint and went out and bought it so I'd be ready as soon as I recover.  Then today on my Facebook page, Farrow & Ball sends me this picture...

"Try the clean, mid-tones (not too heavy, not too pale) of Lulworth Blue in a bedroom. Contrast with Wimborne White in Estate Eggshell on the woodwork to complete the look!"

OMG - now I'm having second thoughts.  Maybe I need to paint swatches on the wall because, of course, I've already bought the Lulworth Blue as well......maybe I'll sleep on it.



  1. That's a beautiful picture - love the blue!!


  2. Morning, I also love the blue, nothing better, Blue and White, hope you feel better, Hugs Francine.

  3. Choosing paint colors is always so hard for me! That's why the walls in this place are Ivory White!


  4. This is why I haven't made any decorating changes to my bedroom in ages. I can never decide which way to go. I've bought paint only to put it on a shelf in the garage because I changed my mind. Hope you're getting over your cold and will be making up your mind which way to go with your project. The blue is lovely but so is the white.


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