January 01, 2013

First Day of 2013

Isn't this a lovely Christmas planter?  I was visiting my friend, Deb on her farm today.  I love being out in the country...looking down her long country drive.

I spent some time last night making plans for the new year.  They are not resolutions.  Resolutions are designed to fail by their negative slant - lose weight, quit smoking, etc.  I'm too old to fall for that.  My plans are positive ones and they are designed to make me healthier and happier...

I plan to...

Eat healthy food MORE.
Move MORE.
Read MORE.
Write MORE.
Meditate MORE.
Paint MORE.
Decorate MORE.
Garden MORE.
Organize MORE.
Find My Bliss......

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  1. Evening Julie, oh I love that planter to, so primitive.....beautiful in the country....Blessings Francine.


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