March 09, 2012

Before and During

I wanted some more storage in my sunroom and I've been trawling the Kijiji website looking for furniture bargains.  I found a hutch that I looooved and it would fit in my sunroom PERFECTLY.  But it was $160 and I couldn't talk the seller into $75.  I am being frugal and couldn't talk myself into $160.  I am replacing my baker's rack and hoping to sell it for $50.

So I found a sad old china cabinet that needs some love and was able to get the price down to $50!

It's a little chipped and the veneer is cracking and warping in places but I think I can make her beautiful again.  A lot of sanding and a little paint.

Because I have so much on my plate right now.  I decided to dress it up with some dishes and live with it as is for a bit.  That's why you are seeing the before and during today.  Someday, hopefully soon, I can show  you the after.  I'll get some paint chips and maybe you can help me choose - pretty please?


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  1. This is a great find for the money. I'm sure that when you get it refurbished it will look wonderful.


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