August 19, 2012

Garden Demolition

Now that I have your attention...I was working in the garden all day but I wasn't working with lovelies like this hibiscus.  I was working with these...

I've been pulling weeds and removing aggressive, nasty perennials -  a real garden demolition.

This what it looks like now...

I've been working on this left side of the yard for a couple of weeks so part of the garden has been planted and edged.  Next I will apply mulch.  See my poor dead David Austin rose.  My heart is broken but I'll cut it off and see what happens next year.

My Russian Sage

I moved a peony that needed to be lifted so hopefully it will bloom better next year.  Next I need to edge and plant up the rest of this garden.  I'm thinking of maybe planting a Rose of Sharon.  Well, now that you have indulged me by looking at the destruction pictures, I'll show you a couple of cute pictures.

A pretty phlox in my oval garden.  I actually don't like the way phlox go mildewy on their leaves so I set about eradicating them from my garden this year.  I have dug up white, red, purple and 2 shades of pink this year but they just keep popping up again and again...

Here's my latest little garden project.   A little barrel beside the steps with my froggy spitter and a couple of plants.  The sound of trickling water drowns out neighbourhood noises and makes my sunroom feel very restful, like I'm sitting in a cottage by the lake (good imagination,  eh?!).  I can see in the picture that the water needs topped up.  I better do that in the morning.  I'm thinking of adding a couple of goldfish but I wanted to make sure that the cats left it alone first.

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  1. Hi Julie, such pretty gardens you have, love the little water barrel, does sound lovely.Wonderful job on your yard, looks so great. Blessings Francine.

  2. I've been digging and giving away those perennials that multiply while you aren't looking. Your garden is looking good after all your hard work.

  3. You have been busy!! I need to take a few pointers from you and get my butt outside! Your barrel is really cool too.

  4. I've been busy in my garden as well but don't have any pics of what I've been up to. I've also been watering my neighbors yard for the past two weeks while they've been away. It seems like I'm always outside these days and they've been the hottest days this summer.
    Love the barrel. I think I need some type of water feature in my garden.

  5. Yard work is not always fun, but it is amazing the transformation ... now you need another watermelon margarita. :)


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