September 07, 2012

Some Vintage Finds and September's Giveaway

I found a new thrift store in the area.  My sister said the prices were awful for the furniture but I might find some deals on dishes and kitchen ware.  I am happy to report that I did.

I bought this old tin cake carrier for $15.  It's a great addition to the display above the cupboards in my kitchen.

These 2 flower frogs were $7 for both.  I had to explain to the salesclerk what they were ;)

Teacups $6 each

I just love the 3 little legs.


Two lovely little Pyrex mixing bowls.  It appears to me that the middle size is missing but neither are terribly large.  Below I show the small one sitting on a clear glass so you have a better idea of the relative size.  They are in good condition and were only $5.  Nice, eh?

The best news...these bowls will be part of September's giveaway.  As always, if you are a follower of either or both of my blogs, you get one entry.  If you leave a comment on either blog, you will get a second entry.  I will add more things as the month goes on and the theme this month is collecting for the kitchen.  Good luck...



  1. oohhh pretty good shopping day for you! :)

  2. You mean to say there is a thrift store you didn't know about?? That is a good price for teacups. Such lovely finds.

  3. Love all your finds, Julie. I am crazy about that cake carrier - it's in such great shape!


  4. Julie such pretty finds! Those teacups with little feet are so cute!!! The cake carrier is gorgeous! Now as for the bowls, love them!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Nice finds! Please add me into the giveaway.


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