January 29, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait..

Tuesday was one of those days. I spent most of the afternoon taking my Mom to a medical appointment.  I did get some grocery shopping done and a nice dinner put together but I didn't end the day with a feeling of accomplishment.

In the morning, I got up late and spent my usual hour with coffee and e-mail.  I did a little knitting. I'm still working on some cowls for family and friends.

One of my friends, Deb was coming over after work to pick up her cowl so I made up a pan of lemon squares.  Her boys like them best.  I pulled out my Kitchenaid food processor, plugged it in and measured out the ingredients.  I pushed the button and nothing.  So frustrated but I won't rant about it again.  I'll be doing my research before buying another one.  I want to buy appliances that are manufactured in Canada or the States.  So hard to find but you can't count on a company's past reputation any more.  I think the only way to get manufacturing back to North America is to put your money where your mouth is!

I had to transfer everything to my blender which doesn't work as well for this recipe.  It took the shine off my good mood.  Even though we are still freezing here in Ontario, the sun was shining brightly this morning.  I started to grate my lemon and aromatherapy really does work.  Just the smell and bright strips of lemon rind makes me happy.

It's been so cold this year that most of my Christmas bulbs were late flowering. My dining room is cold when I don't have the fireplace going. One of my favourite Christmas activities is planting my paperwhites and amaryllis. I got a red one for the dining room and pink one for the living room this year.

The paper whites went in my white ironstone casserole.  I've added some moss and tied them up when they got too tall.  These are one of my favourite things about Christmas and they lasted right through to the first week of January.

My red amaryllis bloomed just in time for Christmas and we've already cut off one of the stalks.  The pink however is just blooming now.  It's quite nice to have something in bloom in the house when I am longing for spring.

Poor stick!  He really doesn't like the cold and every day is a struggle for him.

Here's Miss Lucy.  As soon as the camera comes out, the girl strikes a pose!


  1. Julie, your flowers are beautiful and so is your knitting. Hugs to you and stay warm,

    1. Thanks Mere. Need all the brightness we can get these days...it's sooo cold here. xo J

  2. I'm sorry--I just had to comment! I got a real kick out of your situation with your food processor. I'm' an old woman and we just used a spoon and stirred stuff. You went from a food processor to a blender...hahahahahaha. Bless your heart-rough day for ya. I don't mean for that to sound unkind--just reminds me of my own kids My grandson called and told me that, in his new apartment, he couldn't cook. I asked him if he had a stove. He said yes but no microwave! You youngsters crack me up!

    1. Oh Bev - I only wish I was a youngster. I guess I'm just lazy, haha. J

  3. I love amaryllis and have no luck with them. This is the 2nd year in a row mine didn't bloom. My dad grows them and they thrive for him. Yours are beautiful.

    I despise companies that won't stand behind their products. I can tell you one thing - knowing my temper that damn thing would have been flying out the window. LOL!

  4. Such pretty amaryillis...it's a real treat to see something blooming at this time of year. Your kitty is lovely, such a beautiful tortie.


  5. I saw your comment on Circle of pine trees and like you had arrived there via Annie @ knitsofacto. I have been checking the books recommended on Annie's blog. There's some good looking reads there.
    I checked out the Lemon squares recipe as well. I think I'll give it a try. Love the colours of your cowls.

  6. Knitting, lemon squares and flowers ... these are my favorite things! I love the color of those cowls ... so pretty. Your friends are lucky.


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