May 27, 2014

Working in the Garden and My First Strawberry

The last few days have been fine in the Peterborough area and I have been working in the garden.  I'm half done the veg garden so no pictures yet.  As for the rest of my time, well I've been waging war with gout weed that has taken over my back gardens.  Right now I'm working on the left side and the violets and the gout weed take a long of time to decimate.  With my arthritis, it is a slow slog.

So instead, I'm going to show you some pretty pictures from the Greenhouse on the River.

I love the greenhouse in the spring...the smell and the humid warmth and the green lushness.
I always wanted a little one of my own.

I bought a cute little strawberry plant to hang by my sunroom.  Hoping to get to the strawberries before the birds do but I won't begrudge them a bite.

See that bright red was delicious!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Julie - Strawberries are my very favorite!! I literally drool when I see ripe red strawberries! Love in the summer when they are so plentiful. I've tried growing them but have not had much luck. Good luck.


    1. Thanks Judy - this one tasted so amazing. It'll be hard to eat the ones from the grocery store now. J

  2. Love your photo. We love strawberries at our house. :-) If we lived next door my boys might sneak a few. ;-)

    Good Luck! xx oo

    1. Thanks Carla - if you lived next door, I'd look the other way so the boys could "sneak" some. xo J

  3. wish I had your gardening ambition - haven't even done my flower pots yet! hopefully tomorrow or Friday


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