November 20, 2014

Meet Lukas, my Golden Retriever Baby.

This is Lukas on Friday November 7, 2014.

You may know that I've always been a cat person.....maybe on my way to being that crazy cat lady down the street.   While all that's been taken care of, I have fallen in love with and adopted the sweetest little Golden Retriever.

Here's Lukas with one of his sisters.  He's the big boy on left.  He was bred by a lovely Mennonite couple.  Their place was so nice - clean and homey.

Oh my...just look at that irresistible little face.  You can't help but love him and he loves anyone he meets.

I've had this little boy for almost two weeks now.  We've been working on housebreaking and we're getting there.  Some manners have been achieved and a diplomatic detente is still being negotiated with Finn and Eilish.  (Finn's voice is getting strained from hissing).

Luke's first bath.  He loved it.  And yes, honey, you can have anything you want.

We had a little scare this morning when Lukas got into some pain pills the doctor gave me for a pinched nerve.  Better safe than sorry,,,poor Lukas met the vet and they made him vomit.  Poor baby, he was awful hungry and cried all the way home.  But he's fine now.  Time for another trip outside.

Good night from...

Julie, Finn, Eilish and Lukas


  1. Oh my, Lukas is so adorable, I'm sure you are enjoying every moment with him.

  2. What a cute Lukas! :-) My dad had a Border Collie named Lukas. He was such a great dog.

    1. Hi Carla - I've heard quite a few of dogs named Lukas and they all seem to have been wonderful dogs so I hope the name is a charm!


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