December 09, 2014

Snow for Christmas?

image courtesy of JJ Johnson, Peterborough, Ontario
We received a light dusting of snow last night.  This gorgeous picture was taken of the marina at Little Lake, early this morning.  Unfortunately I can already hear the drip drip of the water through the rain gutters as the day warms and the snow melts away.

Today will be laundry day around here with a nice break in the middle to have lunch with my Mom at Red Lobster and then some Christmas shopping.  I'm so far behind this year, it isn't even funny.  Nary a decoration graces my house.

Did I tell you that my Mother is no longer living with me?  She is with my sister now so there will be some big changes happening around the old homestead next year.



  1. That's a lovely photo Julie. We've sat looking out over Little Lake enjoying subs and cookies. Of course it was summer when we were there and there was lots of activity.

  2. I always like to see the snow melt off quickly here. I prefer to see it on the mountains, not in my yard!

  3. Thank you for thinking my photo is so nice!



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