December 03, 2011

Office/Sewing Room

No, you are not watching an episode of "Hoarders".  What you are witnessing will one day soon become a beautiful office and sewing room.  Right now, it has unfortunately become the dumping ground for everything in the house that doesn't have a home.   Today I am going to start the cleanup.

Originally I had planned the decor of this room based on a pair of mint green and pink floral Ralph Lauren drapes.  The ceiling was painted dark green because it is a basement room with those lovely cardboardy ceiling tiles and had dark pipes and wires running along it.  I was trying to disguise the ugliness with dark paint.  The walls were painted the mint tone that matched the drapes.  The cupboards were painted white and I had some bookcases installed.  I had purchased trim for crown moulding, baseboards and door frame but hadn't got them installed yet.  Then my furnace died.  That meant that due to new specifications, I now had holes cut in the walls and large plastic pipes running not just along the ceiling but dropped down into the room.  Major ugly and demoralizing.  That was a year and half ago and I couldn't get excited about doing anything to this room.  However, a solution is long overdue and the planning has started.

Stay tuned to see how the ugly duckling becomes Cinderella!

The day's work is at an end and the room's already looking better...

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