July 19, 2012

Escaping Day Lilies

I feel so bad when I see this.  My poor day lily overwhelmed by weeds and swamped by a burning bush that hasn't been trimmed since last year.  It been so hot that I haven't been doing any work in the garden. The flowers were extremely lucky if they got water once a day.  This poor little one is trying to escape through the fence.  Today was cooler so I'll see if I can some weeding tomorrow...

Help Me Help Me!!



  1. At my old house I had thousands of day lilies and I've always loved how perky and happy they look. The photos of your escapee are so lovely. Hope you get some cooler weather soon. We're supposed to get highs in the 70s over the next 5 days. Now if it would rain too wouldn't that be lovely? Enjoy your weekend.

  2. That is a pretty daylily. I've been neglecting the garden during this heat and the weeds and grass shoots have taken over.


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