October 10, 2012

Curve Lake

I've sadly neglected you, my blogging friends and I really have no excuse.  But I'll make it up to you today with a little post about my visit to Curve Lake.

I picked up my friend, Alex and we took a little drive out to the Curve Lake reserve.  I want some moccasins.  My niece wears them all the time and was telling me how comfortable they were and I needed to get some too.  I started looking but the ones you could buy in shoes stores just looked fake to me.  They have this wonderful store and gallery, Whetung's and it is only a half an hour drive away.  So I decided that is where I would buy my moccasins.  Here's a close-up view.

I'm so happy with them.  They are so cozy but I can already see that I'll have to save them from Finn.  While I was writing this blog, he started to cart one away.  It must be the fur.


  1. I haven't worn moccasin's in years, but I used to love them!

  2. They look lovely and warm, just perfect for the cool weather that has arrived.

  3. Hello, love the moccasins, they are comfy,cozy. I keep buying pairs when I see them, own 5 now, Blessings Francine.

  4. They look so warm and cozy. Perfect for winter! Enjoy!


  5. They are lovely, and authentic usually looks better and lasts longer.


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