November 13, 2012


I have been absent without leave, without reason, without excuse.  I am struggling with my life right now.  I have been off work on sick leave for almost a year now.  And while I can completely accept my inability to work right now, it's hard to accept the accompanying feelings and questions.

I may not have been writing in my blogs but I have been writing.  More than ever.  Asking questions that I have been too afraid to ask and even finding answers for some of them.  My life is changing.  Decisions are going to have to be made.  Is this something I am going to share with the world through my blog?  Honestly I don't know yet.

Am I going to continue writing my blogs?  Yes, yes I am.  I didn't have an answer to that question until this very minute.

How is my blog (or blogs) going to change?  I don't have an answer for that one yet except to say that a change will be inevitable.  My life is changing and I've never been a "pretty" blogger.  I wish I was.  I want to be.  I want to take pretty set piece pictures and serve them to you wrapped up in a bow.  I love blogs like that.  I read blogs like that but I can't be a blog like that.

I hope you will continue to follow me and I will continue to share my life.  Maybe just the little things right now because bigger things require more time and thought.

Julie, Finn and Lucy


  1. I'm sorry for your struggles. Life is hard right now for so many and sometimes it makes it easier to share your burdens. I'll be here - keep posting. Hugs!

  2. Hi Julie, sorry to hear about your problems. Take care and here's hoping things start to turn around for you in a positive way.

  3. Evening Julie, I am also sorry to hear about your stuggles .......maybe blogging will give you a little relief.......friends out here in blogland will listen, Pray you will feel find comfort........ Sweet Kitties......Hugs Francine.

  4. Julie - Your post touched me and I just want you to know that you will be in my prayers as you go thru this change in your life.

    Life is full of so many changes it seems. Some we are ready for and some we are not. But, things change anyway.

    Post when you can.


  5. Hi Julie,
    I hope you find relief from your struggles and joy with Finn & Lucy by your side. Continue to write it will help to view things in print.
    All the Best,

  6. I am sorry for your struggles. They come to all of us, but when they are our own struggles, we can feel alone, as if it is only we that are suffering. Please know you are not alone, and there is light on the other side, and it will shine on you again, hopefully very soon.
    Cuddle with those precious kitties, and know that all will be as it should be. Sending you gentle hugs.


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