November 16, 2012

Seeing Red....

I wanted to thank everyone for their support after my last post.  I shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself.  I'm really pretty lucky, especially to be living in Canada.  I may be off work sick but I have disability benefits and drug benefits through work and what they don't cover, the Ontario government does.  Unlike some people who have to face bankruptcy or losing their house when they get sick,  I'm alright financially and only have to worry about getting better.

This year, unlike last, I'm looking forward to Christmas.  I'm planning a party, homemade Christmas gifts, baking and gifts.  My thoughts are turning to red and gold.  Above is my Grandma's hobnail amber water pitcher with some discount carnations ($5, nice eh?).

This weekend I'm going to make chili sauce and jam to include in my homemade gift baskets.  Then next week, the Christmas decorating starts in earnest.  I'll keep you up to date.  Have a nice weekend.



  1. Such a lovely vase. Enjoy making the homemade gifts.

  2. Sorry I haven't been around to visit lately. It seems that blogger has been having fun by hiding some of my blog list from me and other such silly games. I've read back to the last post I commented on and realize it's been awhile.
    The carnations are perfect in the vase. Very cheery! Have fun making your chili sauce and jam and enjoy your weekend.


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