November 25, 2012

A Real Christmas Tree

My artificial tree bought the farm last I decided this year, for the first time in fifteen years, I was having a real tree.  I was so excited!  Like a kid at Christmas!  I bought a tree stand at Home Depot, strings of lights at Michael's and scoped out the trees for sale last week.  I decided to pick one up on Sunday.  Lo and behold, I woke up to snow on the ground.  Not much but enough to send a thrill up my spine; enough for the kids next door to try to build a snow man.  Yep, Christmas is definitely in the air.  I went through the usual struggle getting the tree in the house and set up in the stand.  Then I started on the lights, only to find that my first strand was defective.  So, a little disappointed but tomorrow will be tree trimming day.  Tonight I can only share the picture of the bare tree but I promise, it will be gorgeous and it smells so "walking in the woods".  A total delight for all the senses.



  1. I love real trees, but my daughter is allergic to pine trees, so we have always had an artificial one. I miss the smell of a real tree.

  2. Looks like a pretty shaped tree. We can't do live because of allergies. Know it will be beautiful.


  3. Hi Julie,

    That first soft snowfall, carols on the radio, cookies baking in the kitchen, and of course, trimming the tree are such magical things that can only make us glow, inside and out!


  4. There is nothing like the smells from a real tree.

  5. there is nothing like tree..


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