April 01, 2014

I Am Not A Quitter (or how I almost lost my mind with Miss Mustardseed)

I am not a quitter...I'm really not.

Sometimes things don't work out and sometimes I have one of those "why me" days.  (I can get a really good whimper on at times)  But I always go back and try again.  I learned this lesson in my young adulthood when I gave up on people and things too easily.  You can miss out on a lot that way so now I persist.

But I'm starting to think that milk paint has me stumped.  Don't get me wrong.  I have nothing against Miss Mustardseed.  I love Marian...her style, her taste, her talent, her creativity and her lovely family that are obviously the most important thing in her life.  She is a huge inspiration.  If you don't know her story, check out her blog.  It is fabulous!

But my attempts at milk painting to date have been disastrous and of course, I've bought LOTS of it because I never do anything by half measures.  If I had a tattoo, it would say "go big or go home!"

I know it's me...not the Miss Mustardseed paint.  I've seen what magic Marian can perform and I have seen the multitude of  fabulous projects on Pinterest.  I've watched all the how-to videos.  I usually consider myself quite crafty and creative but gee, here's a picture of my table.

I wish I could say this was April Fool's but it isn't.   (I did soften the picture to make it look a little better ;).  This is probably about the 5th coat and it still isn't what I want.  Oh well. I'll let you know if I ever get it looking good.  Off to try another coat...



  1. What's the matter with it? I think it looks pretty good in the photo!! Is it something we can't see?


  2. Hi Judy - yep it's pretty bad. It was actually quite a nice table from Bombay but now it looks like a 5 year old tried to paint it. I've done 7 coats now. One more and I give up! Then I'll try to distress it a bit (since it already looks pretty uneven) and wax it. Hopefully it will look better in the living room with stuff on it. J

  3. I love the color. I can't tell by the photo what is wrong with it. Is the paint not even?

  4. Looks good from here?? I would not have been able to stick with it to put 7 coats on and I am sure you can make it look fantastic `cause you have the knack. - sandy

    ps glad to see you are blogging again

  5. The color looks very pretty in the photo.


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