May 31, 2014

One of my Favs: Muddy Boot Dreams

The thing that first drew me to Muddy Boot Dreams was the name of the blog.  What a great visual it gave me.  Living in the country, enjoying all the seasons, gardens, flowers, animals...all those lovely romantic visions that I associate with dreaming of a country life.  That's what the title meant to me and I found all that and more.

Oh the is simply breathtaking and I am so impressed and so jealous.  This is something I would like to be good at but I know that I'll never measure up to Jen.  It would be totally worth spending time on Jen's blog if all you ever did was look at the pictures but take the time to read her prose.  She is intelligent, insightful, funny and entertaining all at once.

She has the cutest cat Bootsie (although Boo may not like being called cute).

I'm a sucker for a gorgeous cat and Boo has that claim to fame.  I'm sure we can all agree with that.

Jen's garden is beautiful too and I aspire to have one this pretty.  Just look!

Jen is Canadian as well but lives in British Columbia.  This is an area of the country that I'm not familiar with so I love reading about the differences and the similarities.  She makes winter look like a place you want to be and I'm not a big snow bunny,

See what I mean???  Zip on over and pay Jen a visit and you'll be glad to meet another denizen of our blog "village".



  1. I love Jen's blog. Her photographs are just breathtaking. She is so talented!


  2. Aw thanks Julie, you have said such nice things about me and my blog, that's so nice. .Oh and of course his highness, the Boo's head is now even more swollen. He's got a real sense of importance now.


    1. You're welcome. I love Boo and your photographs are the best on any blog around. xo J

  3. I have followed Jen's blog for quite a while now.

  4. Jen is part of my blog village too, a lovely place to visit, chat, catch up on Boo and see some fantastic photography.

  5. Hi,
    I have followed Jen for awhile now too. I do love her blog.
    You did a nice write up about her. :-)

  6. as you can see I have been reading your posts, I just found you today, I have been friends with Jen for quite a while, she is an amazing lady, I enjoyed my visit here today very much, I will love to follow along on your adventures, it is a truly beautiful blog


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