December 07, 2014

Puppy Preschool - Day One

Still no snow.  It sure makes getting around easier but I would like just a little snow; just a half dozen centimetres of snow would suit me.  This time of year everything looks grey and brown and drab and dull.  A little snow brightens up the world and I'm not sure why, but my arthritis seems a little bit better with some snow on the ground.  I know Luke is missing snow.  He just frolics in it!  There's not a better word.

Speaking of Luke, we went to our first day of puppy school this morning.  Oh Luke was in ecstasy.  He was a wriggly little lump of joy.  You know that saying "he could barely contain himself"?  Well Luke couldn't do it at all.

He had two classmates today - Cleo and Moose.  Cleo was a timid little Doberman who brought her parents with her.  She just had her ears clipped and they were tied up and bandaged.  You can bet that I was keeping rambunctious Mr. Luke at a distance.  Besides her haughtiness intimidated him.

Moose on the other hand was a tiny, gorgeous red-bone coon hound with a boisterous bark.  Apparently he just found his voice a short while ago and is enjoying using it.  Luke doesn't bark very often and when he heard Moose bellow, he was startled and stopped.  Then he joyously romped over and jumped on his head.  He loves Moose and wishes he could make that lovely sound.  They are the best of pals now.   By the end of  the class, Cleo deigned to let Luke sniff her lady parts which I am reliably told is a very nice how do you do? in doggyland.  I have so many things to learn as a first time dog owner.

Do you know they make dog chew sticks out of bull's balls? I kid you not.  Teacher passed them around.  Moose thought they were disgusting and Cleo gave them a haughty little sniff.  Lukas?  Well Lukas, doncha know, hunkered down and started to chew the crap outta that thing.  Yum yum!

Moose and Cleo watched him with interest for a couple of minutes and then Moose whipped over and swiped it out of Lukas mouth.  There was a bit of a scuffle and some snarls and tangled leads.  Moose's Mommy and I got them separated without any blood shed.  Moose came out of the pile up with Lukas' chew and Luke was thrilled to have a brand new one.

After this altercation, Miss Cleo decided a taste might be in order.  She had her Daddy sit on the floor and hold it for her while she daintily nibbled one end.  He said it certainly smelled like bull's balls.  Three pairs of female eyes turned in his direction, he turned bright red and said he didn't really know how bull's balls smelt.  Later I heard his wife mutter agreement with him and say that thing was not coming on her carpets.

Luckily I never had to get close enough to know how they smelled.  Lukas takes care of his own stuff, thank you very much.  

We have to crack the books this week.  Teacher gave us homework and Luke wants to impress.  He loves Teacher.  Every time Teacher so much as glanced at him; his butt would lift off the ground and that tail would wag 100 km an hour. Til next week...


PS Luke did learn something.  He can lay down on command.  Otherwise his pictures look like this...


  1. Puppies are fun to watch. Training is quite the chore as the puppy parents must also be trained! As cute as they are there must be rules, just as with children.

  2. You are so right Rose! I need more training than Luke does!

  3. Julie - That puppy is so precious! I predict she'll be the valedictorian of the class!


    1. Thanks Judy - all of you dog lovers out there talked me into changing my opinion and allowing a little canine love into my life.

  4. He is jut so cute and you are going to love watching him romp in the snow.

    1. oh yes - we had one snowstorm Kim and the snow lasted a couple days. My he loves it - runs outside and flings himself headfirst into it. All you see is a wriggling butt. He kept trying to bring a mouthful in with him and couldn't understand where it went. J


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