January 19, 2015

Clarification of January 12's Post

I spoke to my Mom this morning after hearing her feelings were hurt by my post.  That, of course, was not my intention and I wanted to apologise to her for any misunderstanding.

As anyone who has read my blog regularly knows, my Mom has lived with me since I moved in here in August 2000.  She has always been very vital and I've mentioned to you her weekly bowling league and the day trips etc that we have taken.  My sister has accused me of making her sound like an invalid that I've been waiting on hand and foot.  No such thing and regular readers know better than to think that.

Regular readers are also aware of my health struggles of the last three years.  I've tried to be candid about my bipolar disorder and my arthritis without making this a whiny "I'm so sick" feel sorry for me blog.  Of course, living with someone who has a mental illness is challenging.  I wasn't trying to imply that living with Mom was horrible.  For the most part, it was wonderful but it has been harder these last three years.  Some of it was her fault, most of it was mine.  After all, I was quite sick.  I have two conditions that can't be cured and that I must cope with, day in and day out.  The discrimination you face when you have a mental illness is terrible; worse when it comes from your own family.

 Regardless, the time had come.  She is better off staying with Cheryl now that she is older and needs someone around more.  I have a busy life with my social circle and am not home all the time.  It's good for my mental health to go out for lunch, play Rummicube with the girls and go to knitting nights.  I like spending weekends with my boyfriend and working on projects at home during the week.  I am looking forward to a new and wonderful life 

I am writing this post to clarify the situation as I've been told by my sister that people are worried about me (don't worry, be happy, I'm fine) and upset by the way they think I've portrayed Mom.  So I am very sorry if you got the wrong idea and rest assured that all is fine with Mom and I.  We are planning a lunch and an Art Gallery visit in the near future.  If I'm allowed to take pictures in the gallery, I'll do a little tour for you on the blog.



  1. Julie - I don't think many felt your post was like that. Don't worry - we all know and understand you truly.


  2. Thanks Judy - I knew that those of you who actually read my blog wouldn't make that mistake. My sisters on the other hand have been causing a lot of problems....

  3. I am sorry to hear that your sister and mother did not understand. You did not seem at all to be whining about caring for you mother, but more like you were beginning to face your issues and what you needed to do for yourself. I had thought it loving of your sister to assist and be there to give you the help you need to get better and feel better. In all past posts I felt that you love your mother deeply. But now just work on your needs and you will be better for all those in your life.


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