May 12, 2012


I was just reading Annie's blog Knitsofacto with her post about the blogging world and how different bloggers approach it.  Are you a blogger who lives in Utopia on the world wide web?  Does your blog reflect your real life or the kind of world you wished you lived in?  Are the pictures perfect with a curated air?

I'm not judging.  I love the beautiful soft-toned pastel perfect blogs that make me feel warm inside.  I like the cheery, colourful country blogs that make me feel like I'm having a chat with a friend.

Laura Ashley

Unfortunately that isn't me.  I share myself, warts and all...I probably share too much but I've never been shy or circumspect.  When I started blogging, I was terribly naive.  I had friends requesting recipes for things I had made and I had given my nieces and nephews a photocopied homemade cookbook.  I wanted to keep that updated and provide more pictures for people who were requesting more detail in my recipe instructions so I thought a blog would be the perfect answer.  After a little internet research, I set up...

I took a lot of pictures and limited the writing to the recipes.  I didn't introduce myself through this blog because I expected everyone who read it would know me personally.  It never occurred to me that anyone else would ever want to read it.  After a few months, I discovered you could check your stats and found that there were people all over the world reading my blog.  What the....????

I had also started a blog about decorating my house

After starting to read many other blogs and discovering a whole new world out there in blogland (at a point in my life when I really, really needed that connection), my own blog morphed into more of a personal blog/diary.  It's far from perfect but it is real and I appreciate every one who reads it and especially when you comment or contact me.  I have enjoyed every minute of shared friendship, ideas, laughter and tears that your blogs provide.  I'm missing the comraderie I had with people at work but I'm finding the same connection with bloggers out there and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Don't stop writing and I won't stop reading!



  1. I definitely am of the "sharing myself, warts and all' category. I like pretty blogs, too, but I find myself returning to blogs where I can see the real person behind the blog.


  2. It is amazing to see who really reads your blog, isn't it? I have gotten some comments from people on the other side of the globe. It's always thrilling to learn how many people you're touching. I live a little sheltered life, so reading other peoples blogs in different parts of the world is so much fun to me!


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