May 01, 2012

A Little French Flair

I went shopping at Homesense yesterday for new bedroom pillows.  Unfortunately I can never get out of that store with just the things on my list.  I did get lovely new pillows but I didn't take a picture of them (pretty boring and utilitarian).

I did take a picture of the new lampshades I bought for the living room.  They had ones that were burlap with French calligraphy on them but I decided they would be a bit busy.  I ended up buying ones that were pleated burlap with covered buttons...

button detail
They are much plainer than the burgundy ones I replaced...

This may seem counter-productive when my goal in this room is to tweak a few things and bring more colour to the room.  But I want to add some  homespun charm to this room with colourful cushions and drapes, maybe a quilt or two, a new light fixture and by painting some furniture white and distressing it.  I think these new lamp shades will be perfect.  I'll have to donate the old ones.

These weren't the only things I bought - I got a new set of Cynthia Rowley towels in Apricot for the bathroom - bringing a splash of spring colour into it as well.  I will post a picture after I hang my spring/summer shower curtain (yes - I change them seasonally although some people thing that's crazy!).

Then I got to the checkout and found they had bags for $1.49 - I HAD to have one.  Now I can carry a little French flair around with me when I'm shopping...
Lucy is inside trying to entice Finn to play.....

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  1. Beautiful!
    Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ


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