May 25, 2012

the lost week...

Were you wondering where I've been all week?

Paris? non....

Turks and Caicos?  unfortunately not...

Playing with some new technology.  Sadly no, although an I-phone is on my wish list.

I really could have used an I-phone this week.  I spent a lot of time in waiting rooms - hospital waiting rooms and doctor's waiting rooms.  If I had an I-phone, I could have read your blogs to while away the time, taken a few pictures and maybe even posted to my blog.  Unfortunately, my ancient cell makes and receives calls and that's about it.

A family health issue took a lot of time this week but it was so worth it to find the problems are small and treatable instead of large and deadly.  There is a little exhaustion and a lot of relief in our house tonight.  A dinner out at Red Lobster was celebratory.

Tomorrow is the time to catch up on housework, gardening and grocery shopping. Well, I was able to fit in a few minutes of shopping - vintage shopping and magazine shopping but I'll post about that later.  Take care and have a good night.


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