July 04, 2012


It was one of those errand running kinda days today.  After dinner, I was watering the flowers (they are so parched in this heat - I haven't watered the lawn yet this year but I'll have to soon) and listening to the start of the concert at the Lake.   It will be crazy there tonight as the headliner is Carly Rae Jepsen and of course, all the concerts in the park (Wednesdays and Saturdays) are free.  I couldn't face the crowds myself but I know some friends and family were heading there tonight.  I just heard on the news that 15,000 is capacity for the park and her concert is expected to be record-breaking.

I thought I'd do a little post about our shopping trip to Bobcaygeon.  I've already told you about the bear ;).  We also did a little shopping...shoes...

and my friend, Linda bought sandals.  She's a sensible girl but tried on the turquoise ones to humour me.  She loved them but she is sensible so...

We stopped for a coffee and perused the "junk" shop upstairs.  You know me...I found something I loved...

An old fashioned breakfast tray for my bed.  I'll feel like Laura Petrie (are you old enough to get that reference??)  Don't you just love the colour?  It's a little too banged up to leave it as is.  I need to glue down some veneer and the condensation rings would drive me nuts.  I'm going to paint it white and distress it so the the aqua comes through.  I can't wait to get started but I'll probably end up using it as a table for my lap-top rather than for my breakfast.

On the way home from Bobcaygeon, we stopped in Buckhorn to visit my friend, Cindi's sister Wiline.  Wiline and Dan have an amazing house on the lake but I'll save that for another post.

Good Night,



  1. You always have fun outings with your friends.

  2. Sounds like a fun shopping trip - love the little Laura Petrie breakfast tray.

    I loved your description of your front porch that you left on my blog (by the way, did you know that you do not have your email linked to your comments so I couldn't respond directly). It made me want one of those old-fashioned porches.

  3. What a great find. I can't wait to see it after you've given it a fix-up. It looks like this was a fun shopping trip.


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