June 07, 2013

BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...It's Convocation!

My niece, Allyson's convocation was on Wednesday afternoon.  It was a stirring (although long) ceremony.  It was her third (Master's degree now!) and I am so glad I was able to attend this one.

Allyson is our resident beekeeper so her celebration took on a bit of a bee theme.  Her Mom gave her a set of my favourite wineglasses.....hint, hint.....

These glasses are made by the oldest glass factory in France, la Rochere.  The Napoleonic Bee collection features exceptionally clear and heavy glass produced in turn-of-the-century molds with traditional seams.  One of Napoleon's main symbols was a bee and during his "reign", they were emblazoned on everything.  After all this time, they are still in style!  The glasses have a very classic and substantial feel and I think they would look great whether your table setting is casual or formal.

Once I knew she was getting the glasses, I decided to make her a sign with "bee" happy on it.

So I got an old piece of wood out of the shed and painted it with Benjamin Moore "hazy blue" on Tuesday night after my "knitting night".  The next morning I gave it a light sand and "modge-podged" a bee image on.  I just wrote happy freehand as I wanted it to look rustic...et voila!

I was pretty happy with the way it turned out and so was Allyson.  Our colour choices were totally coincidental.  I didn't know what she was planning on wearing but the sign is obviously meant for her.

I really enjoyed making this sign (my first) and I've already planned the next one ;).

We had a lovely dinner at my sister's to celebrate.

Congratulations Ally!




  1. THREE masters degrees?? Wow - that is impressive! Love the sign - it turned out great.

  2. I know it was fun celebrating her three degree. Good for her and good that you got to help celebrate! Your sign turned out darling. Great job!



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